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Since the post-WrestleMania 33 edition of Monday Night Raw,Brock Lesnar has not appeared on WWE programming.

However, the likelihood of Lesnar returning after WWE Extreme Rules is seemingly possible.

In order to determine who will receive the first title shot against The Beast in July at the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV, there are plans to host a Fatal Five Way. Whoever comes off victorious in the match, would be amongst some of Lesnar’s coming challengers in the near future.

Reports however has it that the WWE Universal Title would most likely be defended by Lesnar at the WWE Great Balls of Fire against either Finn Balor or Seth Rollins. However the tide decides to turn, expectations remain high that Lesnar would walk away from the PPV still a champion.

Majority of the crowd would expect that Balor will emerge winner especially after Paul Heyman made an appearance this week on Raw to sing Balor’s praises, thus putting him over the Fatal Five Way. Read more »


The former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, on Tuesday 14th of February declared to UFC about his retirement as his name is no longer on the roster of the Las Vegas-based promotion, his name has also been deleted from the United States Anti-Doping Agency Drug Testing pool.

The 39-year-old American received a year suspension from both USADA and the Nevada Athletic Commission having been confirmed positive for the estrogen blocker clomiphene in both an in- and out-of-competition drug test in relation to UFC 200, his team said it is that believed the substance in question was part of a foot cream used by Lesnar in the lead-up to the fight, but he was unaware it contained banned substances.

He is expected to return from suspension on July 15, 2017 should he terminate his retirement at any point. Read more »


WWE heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar has finally come to an agreement after his numerous drug test failures arising from July’s UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt.

It is believed that Lesnar who recently tested positive to banned substance has reached a settlement agreement with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), which unfortunately includes a $250,000 fine alongside a one-year suspension of his professional fighting license. As a result, his victory over hunt will be overruled to a no contest.

Lesnar who fought Hunt at the UFC 200 was competing for the first time after five years away from the octagon. However, despite winning the fight against hunt by a unanimous decision, he was sanctioned for violating two anti-doping agency laws by testing positive to banned substance.

Besides his brief statement stating his innocence, the fighter has chosen to remain silent on the issue and allow his attorneys to sought out the reason why he failed the drug test. Read more »

Brock Lesnar To Fight Shane Carwin And Others

Brock Lesnar would probably be fighting Shane Carwin in the heavyweight category soon.

It would surely be a UFC event that is much awaited among fans of both fighters. Carwin would be interested in such a fight as a way to get the belt as well as to defend it. It would certainly be his dream fight, after which he will retire. For Shane it has been a while that he has been in the Octagon. He was a title challenger before and this time he is thinking of making a return. There was an interview with Carwin where the 41 year old disclosed that he suffered several injuries when he lost out to junior dos Santos in the year 2011.

On the other hand, Brock has other opponents to face. There is rumor that he will be up against Dean Ambrose, who is considered a talented former member of Shield. WWE has probably not utilized his talent to the full. Since The Shield was disassembled the booking of Ambrose has been questioned, but it might be coming up soon.
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WWE Rumors About Brock Lesnar

Speaking of Brock Lesnar, this professional athlete starred in wrestling for WWE and had a high impact on people and his fans within a short span of time.

He was the winner of the UFC heavyweight championship in his fourth fight of the MMA and defeated Hall of Farmer Randy Couture. This American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist have been said to have signed to WWE. The wrestler is all set to make his appearance felt and is one of the top two highest paid players on the roster.

As far as WrestleMania 33 is concerned, Mr. McMahon, the formal wrestler and American professional wrestling promoter is hell bent on placing Brock Lesnar to play against a superstar Windham Lawrence Rotunda who is no less than anyone. This plan will soon be materialized by Vince McMahon sometime next year in Orlando after considering the contract of Brock Lesnar. If this really happens, then it is going to be one big game for Brock Lesnar. Read more »

Brock Lesnar could make UFC return, says Sonnen

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter Chael Sonnen believes that a new contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) doesn’t completely rule out a possible future return for Brock Lesnar to the promotion.

While like most UFC fans Sonnen was also disappointed that the former All American re-signed with the WWE, he believes that the door for a future return remains open. He also said that Lesnar made it quite it clear when he said that his UFC legacy was over. Sonnen mentioned that the former UFC Heavyweight champion played to the crowd, made it feel he wanted to return to the fighting arena.

Lesnar was on the verge of running down his contract with the WWE and becoming a free agent, ripe for the UFC to pick up and he was being seen in UFC pay per view events recently as well, getting fans salivating at the prospect of his return. However, Brock Lesnar recently announced that he has re-signed with the WWE ending those speculations.

However, according to Sonnen, that means nothing. He said that he knows how close Dana White, the UFC boss and Vince McMahon, the WWE chairman are behind the scenes and this relationship could ensure a possible return for Lesnar.

He went on to add that White is a shrewd guy and the only reason McMahon got Lesnar this time was because he release him to the WWE. While Brock Lesnar has mentioned repeatedly that he is not ready to go through the rigours of combat sports again, he has backtracked on his statement in the past and Sonnen is taking heart from that.

But he said he believes Brock’s time in the Octagon is over but if he did decide to return once more, he could easily do that in the future.