EA Sports UFC – Online Championship Fight #1 – Dan Henderson VS Jon Jones (ME)

MMA Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “EA Sports UFC – Online Championship Fight #1 – Dan Henderson VS Jon Jones (ME)”

  1. Jakey P says:

    looks like an arcade game …. those takedowns are so fake

  2. EvilTwinn says:

    You sure about head kicking all the time?

  3. Arafat Abdulkadir says:

    This game is amazing lol love it and I’m a huge mma fan.. I mean everything
    isn’t perfect but nothing is ever perfect 

  4. strength and honour says:

    i challenge you to a dual SEANY BHOY NO1 add me and i wil destroy u lol

  5. Jokerizbadass says:

    Anyone who uses Jones is trash IMO

  6. MMAsamurai8 says:

    The graphics in undisputed 3 were clearly not as good. But the gameplay was
    much better. Jabs and shit mattered. Each fighter had the right moves
    (except nate Diaz superman punch obv) and not a bunch of crazy slams and
    kicks and shit. People who like this are sloppy bitches. And I’d love to
    engage one of you clowns in a debate on this topic

  7. Stephen Williams says:

    Gotta use Jones huh? Nub. 

  8. Gavin Marsh says:

    this game looks amazing really impressed

  9. GrimeAndGats says:

    I don’t normally hate on anyone’s videos but after that bruce lee fight you
    fucking blow man.

  10. FromPoetryToRap says:

    the fakest thing in this game is the buzzer

  11. ToothCakeClinic says:

    Is this actually any good? i’ve seen fights against the CPU they just seem
    to throw mad punches with no real repercussions and don’t really react like
    any UFC fighters i’ve ever seen and no ground an’ pound? it seems that the
    only time you’d get a remotely realistic fight would be online against
    people playing properly..

  12. TorosJake16 says:

    Undisputed 3 is ten times better thsn this shit wtf.. 95% of takedowns are
    successful, ground and pund is non existant.. Stand up is just bullshit no
    real skill

  13. 42 lucky migets says:

    U suck, even with the best player

  14. Jakey P says:

    ZzZzZ 97 overall …. boring

  15. C0M P0R says:

    Tá aí a prova que os guerreiros do velho testamento existiram jho jhones!

  16. zeus12 says:

    damn looking @ all these ppl comment and hate on the game is kinda
    pointless. I mean its they first ufc game yall should probably start the
    criticism on the second game not every product is going to be perfect the
    first time. and I mean undisputed 3 wasn’t that good either I could ko a
    guy by button mashing them in close quarters with the elbow. and on here
    you cant do that so yeah…. by next game start the criticism or just dont
    buy the game @ all

  17. jamil pena says:

    Suplex, spam the same two kicks. Suplex, spam the same two kicks. 

  18. Buster Bog says:

    That was awesome hope you do more :)

  19. Cameron Terrell says:

    That was pretty badass felt like a real match 😀 

  20. WondersSFXT says:

    Ur a fucking scrub for getting jon jones

  21. MMAsamurai8 says:

    There’s like 3 takedown animations. And that duplex would be nice if it
    happened once in a blue moon. But this… This makes me sad

  22. anthonykihne says:

    Does the guy playing Dan Henderson not know how to parry?? This guy playing
    Jones threw a right handed punch 4 to 5 times in a row multiple times, I
    would have parried and landed an H-Bomb a few times at least…

  23. ubername9999 says:

    Centerstrain please just try and fight Anderson Silva on either pro or hard
    mode. This motherfucking is a bitch to try and fight

  24. zBarzeh says:

    Stop complaining. Its a fucking videogame. If you dont like it, dont buy

  25. Demetrius Sage says:

    I see people commentating on how Jon Jones is for noobs. Is he that
    Overpowered? Can’t you take him on with Gus?