Fighting Words With Mike Straka – Anderson Silva

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25 Responses to “Fighting Words With Mike Straka – Anderson Silva”

  1. MrPranksteer says:

    @drivingbible you must be american

  2. drivingbible says:

    @MrPranksteer martial arts is MASTER OF HAND TO HAND COMBAT or expressing yourself so, in this manner. hand to hand combat is anything and everything goes in an all out war. no limits. this dates back to man kind kicking each other asses but no term were used. when kicking ass used intelligently and physically training for it and reaching a spirtual state, it is then called MARTIAL ARTS. ufc is CRAP.

  3. drivingbible says:

    anderson sliver can move like crazy but dumb as shit. and he doesn’t have the fearlessness like some fighter. as you can tell by his fights in the past. sit and wait, unlike nick diaz or a young frank shamrock who charges up to you like a bull no matte what. silver is truly a PUSSY. he’s only blessed with moving hella fast but NOTHING else!!!

  4. GeneralRushHour says:

    @55jacos I understand what you mean but i think you missunderstood Chonota here.

    He means blankets and not actual, good wrestling or Jits. we have some blankets that just “hug” the other guy.
    And they get points for it that´s the bad part.

  5. RedTailedTuna says:

    @MrPranksteer Good info I liked it,
    Straggly enough 10 years back I competed in Fencing across the states and Canada

  6. MrPranksteer says:

    @RedTailedTuna The term martial art has become heavily associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, but was originally used in regard to the combat systems of Europe as early as the 1550s. An English fencing manual of 1639 used the term in reference specifically to the “Science and Art” of swordplay. The term is ultimately derived from Latin, martial arts being the “Arts of Mars,” the Roman god of war.

  7. 55jacos says:

    @chonota01 You obviously have no appreciation for the ground game since you probably don’t know shit about it. If you got a chance to see the recent fight in Brazil you’d see that that’s how fans are supposed to react to the ground game. They know how to appreciate it. They know how much works is required to make a simple pass on the ground. Trust me, hit the mats one of these days and get your ass handed to you, you’ll realize it’s much more than just “hugging”.

  8. odi1kinobi says:

    this mike guy is goose it was ufc 126 not 127

  9. Gruffington31 says:

    He makes Mike look like a child!

  10. chonota01 says:

    the ufc gives to much credit for take downs, some fights result really boring because they spend all the time hugging each other on the floor. I many ways pride rules where so much better

  11. chonota01 says:

    the ufc gives to much credit for take downs, some fights result really boring because they spend all the time hugging each other on the floor. I many ways pride rules where so much better

  12. RedTailedTuna says:

    @angusrocks6464 The dictionary say martial arts is any of several Asian arts of combat or self-defense. Since wrestling originated in Greece it is not a martial art

  13. RedTailedTuna says:

    How does he have a record of 13-0-0 with losing 3 fights

  14. RedTailedTuna says:

    I want to see Silva fight GSP

  15. EvilDanzig says:

    Anderson is a real life jedi.

  16. BackyardBasher83 says:

    Funny how he says that what Chael has been saying is damaging for the sport, but then he acted childish in an actual fight with millions watching! LMAO! What a freakin joke! He pissed Dana White off sooo much!

  17. angusrocks6464 says:

    Mike Straka: Wrestling IS a martial art, you dumb ass. In fact, if the UFC has shown anything, it’s that wrestling is perhaps the most effective and important martial art of all.

  18. MWCASH2 says:

    @123InDaPlaceToBe Keep your head up brother and never look back.

  19. brownstownboy2 says:

    @walterreally You fucking retard! You are another fantasy fag who is dreaming of black guys dick! Get off here fag face!

  20. moraka4 says:


  21. PowerCoefficient says:



  22. walterreally says:

    I used to go around with Anderson Silva when I was a young girl. I was infatuated with him and told him that he could tap that ass. To my shock, Anderson said “No, thank you very much ladies and gentlement, but I am not the best, you should go instead get into the bed with Steve(our mutual friend)”. When I did, Anderson got pissed as he said that I misunderstood him. So he front kicked Steve into the bed and forced him to make out with Ed Soares(who was a senior then in our school). Weird guy.

  23. danielbelcab says:

    Does that pish you off ?

  24. mannshow84 says:

    @bdalani1985 Dude this sport is so much different now.

  25. bdalani1985 says:

    @MindofaJedi If Matt Hughes was past his prime at 33 which was his age at the time he fought Royce Gracie, I think its pretty fair to suggest that Royce Gracie was also past his time during that fight, fighting at almost 40. Whether GSP would have beat him is debatable, although I think Royce would have beat him…