Forrest Griffin Talks About Fighting Anderson Silva

MMA Video Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “Forrest Griffin Talks About Fighting Anderson Silva”

  1. TheIronEagle14 says:

    Yay! He’s my celebrity doppleganger

  2. 3rixtat3 says:

    @Kamikaze798 really wad that homeless guy you just raped called “yourmom”?

  3. Kamikaze798 says:

    @3rixtat3 Dude, I fucked your mom.

  4. 3rixtat3 says:

    @Kamikaze798 more like you wish you was watching the deliverance scene. i bet the only reason you watch the UFC is to see the on top of each other

  5. farcry18th says:

    He looks like an ape.

  6. Kamikaze798 says:

    Anderson ass-raped Forrest. I thought I was watching the sodomy scene from Deliverance.

  7. juliusfuentes12 says:

    Forrest Griffin one of my Fav. MMA fighter he has a humor ^_^

  8. EmeryAustin says:

    @yyttroll You think his ears are big? Go watch a Joe Lauzon video.

  9. TheSPEEZY99 says:

    i’ll do all right dont worry about it

  10. KayLash2011 says:

    @camilaeleuterio Die you sad prick. 🙂

  11. camilaeleuterio says:

    Hello, I bought his book without knowing him or been found of MMA. He is very cool.

  12. perdedoronline says:

    @yyttroll , it’s just blood.

  13. makav3li1 says:

    this guy is really funny!
    He’s actually jokin around after an outstanding defeat!!!!!!!!
    I think I started to admire this guy a little bit more…
    He’s got heart

  14. RoboTurkeyNinja says:

    Forrest is soooo funny

  15. iRoNiiK1000 says:

    he has a deep ass fuckin voice

  16. MrTheSaha says:

    his MANLINESS is also big

  17. fucktheyankees823 says:

    “its funny you should mention that…cause he didnt”

  18. dratsabREVIEWS says:

    “I’ll do alright”  lawl

  19. RyanMinaker says:

    @vhanhanzz sick fuck..

  20. RyanMinaker says:

    @lamrof sour human being..

  21. yyttroll says:

    @jakedanx I actually already have

  22. jakedanx says:

    @yyttroll you should tell him…

  23. Hassanbydn says:

    15 min. it was more like 3…

  24. AirsoftPaintball94 says:

    hes so god damn humble