Jon Jones fight mixx

MMA Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “Jon Jones fight mixx”

  1. rshadio says:

    man why the fuck a NICKI MINAJ TRACK!!!!….the fuck…ok you better be a

  2. ManyVideosforyou says:

    really like it

  3. Han Nguyen says:

    Jon Jones the champ

  4. Patricia Alcocer says:

    great video!

  5. patrickonc says:

    quisiera ver que peleae con anderson silva,,a ver que pasa.,,.,

  6. scottfree6 says:

    yeah it’s really sacrilege, who wants to hear this stupid ignorant
    shit…And the real crazy thing is they call these people artists with this
    stupid and idiotic glamorization of criminal activity…STOP PAYING THESE

  7. RideUnited28 says:

    Anderson Silva Knockouts – Greatest Knockouts In UFC History.flv

  8. world2point0 says:

    hahahaha just drops Machida like a bag of bricks and walks away

  9. TheOoze06 says:

    I’m tired of ppl saying Silva would run thru Jones. How did u get that
    idea? Because he beat a sloppy ass Leben? Because he beat 4 fighters that
    are no longer in the UFC? Because he beat Maia who got a title shot for
    winning just ONE fight after getting KO’d in the 1st round in his previous
    fight against Marquardt, Or is it because he beat Chael’s overrated ass
    who’s been sub 8 times in his career? His last time fight was against Okami
    n he just got KO’d by Tim Boetsch! Come on man..

  10. Matt Davis says:


  11. Ashton Colbert says:

    Forget Jones vs Silva. Let’s have Jones vs Nicki Minaj.

  12. Jake Deschaine says:

    nicki minaj on a jon jones vid? its mma cmon man

  13. RideUnited28 says:

    lets seee him with anderson silva nigga

  14. Matdogg2k says:

    I love Jon Jones…I think he has the best chance to beat Silva and bring
    the belt to the USA

  15. jadonplox says:

    damn rampage did really fucking good for fighting jon jones

  16. 2beanburritos says:

    im glad i read this comment before i had to hear any of it thank you and im

  17. Matdogg2k says:

    I like!