Jose Aldo: Bad at Motorcycling, Great at Fighting

MMA Video clip Score: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Jose Aldo: Bad at Motorcycling, Great at Fighting”

  1. man61x says:

    thank you! I just piss myself laughing!!

  2. Grimreaper2700 says:



  3. Jeremy Couturier says:

    Hot Rod!

  4. Jaime Kaufman says:


  5. Richard Lopez says:

    What is the song from 0:03-0:09?

  6. Niels van der Tuyn says:

    LOLZ crazy dana!

  7. Johnnydefect says:

    It was from Hot Rod!

  8. Fatal Tito says:


  9. videogamegenius says:

    So anyone what was that movie or tv show from?

  10. fringe272 says:

    I demand to know both songs used in this. Please.

  11. Josh112096 says:

    me too hahaha

  12. flannery2oo9 says:


  13. NZD1000 says:

    Dana White sent me here haha

  14. seinfeld11123 says:

    you sir have got a subscriber! dont start slipping now. ill delete your ass! haha

  15. howlers77 says:

    Hotrod. its hilarious 

  16. kaisermetal says:

    what movie is this?

  17. purpledro28 says:

    Dana !!!

  18. KENPACHIFTWW says:

    Dana white tweeted this =D

  19. nfl20 says:

    what was the first song? not the europe one

  20. Marcos júlio says:

    valeu !

  21. JooZer says:

    Europe – Danger on the track

  22. Marcos júlio says:

    0:25 ?? qual o nome da música ?

    name of song ?

  23. Marcos júlio says:

    name of song pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ??