MMA Live: Fight Of The Year Anderson Silva beats Chael Sonnen

MMA Video clip Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “MMA Live: Fight Of The Year Anderson Silva beats Chael Sonnen”

  1. lrod132 says:

    chael doesnt deserve a rematch because he was on steroids 4 this fight nd everyone seems 2 forget that

  2. Famous4DoingUrMom says:

    @bbraskey80 Got his ass kicked thoough.

  3. bbraskey80 says:

    Sonnen fucked that nigga up!

  4. zakquack says:

    @Uncharted3Ownage chael’s stand-up finds success in most every fight he has because of his take-downs… When you know all your opponent wants to do is take you down and hump you to decision, you dont care about his hands. How many times was silva rocked standing? Maybe once, arguably 0. Silva said he would not look for a knockout and that he is only interested in submitting sonnen. He left his hands down and disdainfully ate shots like they were chocolate chips.

  5. Uncharted3Ownage says:

    @zakquack I never said any of those things you said. I agree, Chael is one of those guys who is an amazing wrestler but doesn’t submit or KO guys a lot of the time. Most of the time it’s a decision or a ground and pound TKO.

    But watch the fight again…how many times did Sonnen rock Silva in the stand up? He looked great overall for just the couple of minutes the fight was standing.

    The fight was pretty close sometimes, if Chael would do more and more ground n pound in a row.

  6. zakquack says:

    AND CHAEL DOES STEROIDS!!! He got a doctor’s note but 10 minutes of research would reveal how easily it is to get one of those notes and how little EVIDENCE is required to be diagnosed with “Low T.”  Having one of those notes is like living in California and getting a Medical Marijuana card…

  7. zakquack says:

    0:43 that elbow, THAT’S CHAEL BEING “ROCKED.”
    Why I don’t think Chael deserves a rematch: I did not think for even one second during this fight that Chael was going to finish the fight. Silva= 77.41% finish-rate. 57.69% of chael’s wins are via decision and 90.91% of his losses were stoppages… chael=master of decisions and no one wants to see the greatest fighter ever lose via decision to someone who specializes in talking shit and winning decisions.

  8. zakquack says:

    @Uncharted3Ownage I disagree. I saw the same fight you did… chael displayed what he does in every fight… Great top-game.. no finishing-potential. Best Grinder in the business… Bump&grind until you win a decision. The fight was never even CLOSE to being stopped by chael. Silva said he was going to submit Sonnen and that’s what he did. In sports, we call that a “Babe Ruth.”

  9. Uncharted3Ownage says:

    @zakquack Apparantly Chael showed in this fight all of the skills (like boxing, wrestling, etc.) except submission defense are better than Silva’s. I hope they rematch

  10. Uncharted3Ownage says:

    Are you kidding me, Sonnen v Silva Fight of the Year? Fucking Korean Zombie vs Leonard Garcia was Fight of the Decade for some people. How could that not be Fight of the Year (same year, 2010)?

  11. bananaman22 says:

    wow 4-0 till the submission

  12. zakquack says:

    @Cal987656789 if chael was twice the fighter Anderson is, explain why chael lost to Anderson. Chael is a good wrestler. He’s got decent boxing skills but he has no where near the skills that Anderson has. Chael has been in whiney bitchmode since he lost. He’s gotta do a lot more climbing before he gets another shot at Anderson.

  13. Cal987656789 says:

    ive seen sonnen fight he is twice the fighter anderson is and he dominated that fight so silvap4p take ur opinion of it not effecting and take them elsewhere chael rocked him…multiple times

  14. silvap4p says:

    g**damn compuuter….BEATING!!!!!!

  15. silvap4p says:

    bating i meant lol

  16. silvap4p says:

    yeah everyone talks about sonnen bating silvas ass….looks ike silva put his hands down and took the punches to me they didnt seem to effect him much

  17. BlexicansProductionz says:

    0:22 Anderson ate those punches like COOKIES

  18. Ac3Windu says:

    The Music in these videos, make them so much more epic

  19. iluvchoas says:

    he wasnt even tryin in the beggeinn

  20. jayeffinbay says:

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  21. R3Po1000 says:

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  22. jayeffinbay says:

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  23. draconcrazy says:

    haha sanneon was trash talking so hard n he lost!

  24. R3Po1000 says:

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  25. jayeffinbay says:

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