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Greg Jackson hails toughness of Chael Sonnen

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Greg Jackson, who is the head trainer of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones is not too comfortable with the prospect of his protégé taking on Chael Sonnen for the title at UFC 159 in May and he thinks that the fight could break into an all out war between the two. Jackson is certain not sleeping over the challenge of Sonnen and is not counting him out as a challenger either, in spite of his record of coming up short against champions previously.

Jackson believes the American Gangster is nicknamed so because of a reason and he also thinks that the American isn’t given the credit he is due for being so tough inside the ring. And for one, the American, who has been a former two-time contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship, is sure to agree with the trainer of the Brazilian as he holds himself in a very regard. Jackson stated that he is preparing Jones for an all out war against Chael Sonnen, stating that there are plenty of danger zones when it comes to the American.

He further stated that Chael is a lot tougher than he is given credit for. He mentioned that people think he doesn’t have enough power in his punches but then, he goes out and drops the legendary Anderson Silva. He also mentioned that Jones cannot afford letting Sonnen get over him.

According to Greg Jackson, not many people can live with that ground and pound style of the American and if anyone lets Chael Sonnen get over them, then there is no turning back. He admitted that he must ensure his charge takes him seriously and doesn’t take it easy against him as it could easily backfire on him and he could drop the title.

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