UFC 146’s Cain Velasquez on Fighting Bigfoot, Getting the Belt Back + Chillin in the Club

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25 Responses to “UFC 146’s Cain Velasquez on Fighting Bigfoot, Getting the Belt Back + Chillin in the Club”

  1. Schatje79 says:

    Don’t get too bent out of shape over it. It’s just how latinos are. We
    respect heart in fighters which is why most of us are fans of Pacman even
    though he’s the Mexicutioner.

  2. brandonmsk says:


  3. alexferrer8 says:

    OK first.- “AMERICA” is a Continent not a contry…From Argentina to alaska
    is America…You may be talking about a contry called USA,, 2nd i think you
    Can not Talk for all Mexicans .. 3rd.- I am Mexican ,In CANCUN we love
    Cain..FOR BEEN MEXICAN we rely like that he is Proud of been BROWN PRIDE

  4. mexican power says:

    exactly that night

  5. whisperingpines2010 says:

    JDS did not use his knee to knock Cain out but understood.

  6. mario mzartine says:

    your speaking for all mexicans.im chicano,and some mexicans throw me a bad
    vibe because i know english.for those who question my blood and the way i
    was raised are bitter and simple pendejos whos parents werent smart or
    brave enough to advace and migrate towards better opportinities

  7. Brandin Welch says:

    He was better cause cain had been out for 9mo with torn rotator cuff that
    wasn’t the real cain he beat that night

  8. FlyingArmBarU says:

    You did see Cain absolutely rape Brock didn’t you? I mean you must have
    seen that fight and if you didn’t then you shouldn’t be commenting on MMA

  9. armytaskforce11x says:

    actually cain got ko’d hit in the back of the ear he has never been ko’d by
    a chin shot. Silva is the one with the big glass jaw.

  10. NikevsJordansxD says:

    well said. your comment explained big foots results to cain.

  11. elflip88 says:

    Will you all stop making it about race, so he has brown pride on his chest.

  12. Carl Stitzen says:

    Easy fight for Cain.

  13. Shane Kseas says:

    don’t cry cuz u hav a lil cunt lol

  14. XenogearsPS says:

    good thing his daughter didn’t go lol.

  15. whisperingpines2010 says:


  16. derdara152 says:

    he calls himself a mexican american

  17. Bacardi1511 says:

    lol hard to explain to your daughter why daddy was covered in the blood of
    bigfoot. I bet his daughter thinks he also kill unicorns and ponys.

  18. johnny angel says:

    yea your right just look at school or the streets white guys are so tough
    yall shouldnt f-ck with them they might just bite down when there sucking
    on your dick or worst yet they may not wanna give you there school lunch
    money lol so Mexicans please dont fuck with these tough white power boys
    they might just not stay silent anymore and start screaming rape so its
    best to lieve them be. they are like the women when it comes to mexicans
    and blacks lol so just give it some thought_ white power LMAO

  19. MrDavidhasslehoff says:

    Id like to see Cain practice with pro boxers or even muay thai guys hes got
    some serious leg kicks and his wrestleing is so good. Cains Fedors favorite
    fighter, veary similar

  20. cisco11049 says:

    Cain would ground and pound his face and probably finish Fedor via ref

  21. mateivic says:

    I hope his daughter does’t see the fight video… Look at my daddy’s fists
    and elbows covered in blood !

  22. MrEKIM96 says:

    cain looks serious

  23. Gerardo Almaraz says:

    suck a dick bitch

  24. Ying Yang says:


  25. Temujin Trece says:

    ‘boring’ r u fucking nuts,,,dint u c the figth u fuking blind son of a fat
    bitch,,,he washd himself whit his opponent blood…just like and AZTEC
    WARRIOR, he was about to rip big foots heart….goddam.