UFC heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez – Sport Science – Destroys Brock Lesnar? MMA Live

MMA Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “UFC heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez – Sport Science – Destroys Brock Lesnar? MMA Live”

  1. Msflyinghorse1 says:


  2. mlbirdinground says:

    @MrStompingshadow np. I was just pissed…..took it out on you sorry. Viva Sengre del Indios

  3. MrStompingshadow says:

    @mlbirdinground dude we are all indians sorry if i forgot about you guys 🙂

  4. MannyMMA says:

    @CBSINDAHOUSE Your fucking stupid Cain would murder Badr Hari and he is gonna win that UFC title back

  5. mlbirdinground says:

    @MiketheChampion09 CAIN IS AMERICAN…………he fucking graduated from the same fucking highschool i did. He IS NOT MEXICAN. HE IS AMERICAN
    MEXICAN IS NOT A RACE OF HUMANS ITS A FUCKING NATIONALITY. “Mexicans” are citizens of the country of Mexico.

  6. MiketheChampion09 says:

    @Pumasblues2525 Suck my brown cock! You piece of ass

  7. Pumablues2525 says:

    Yes, because skin color and nationality has an effect on your quality as a fighting. Fucking idiot.

  8. MiketheChampion09 says:

    @Andydag904 Dos santos is Mexican too thank God it wasn’t any blk or white. Lol

  9. Andydag904 says:

    @MiketheChampion09 Undefeated, until Junior Dos Santos KO’d him

  10. MiketheChampion09 says:

    Cain velasquez is undefeated heavyweight champion in ufc fuck all niggers and white ppl either respect the man on YouTube or don’t watch the video hitch. Mexicans own you

  11. wwe9year says:

    this spick, fucking pathetic

  12. MrStompingshadow says:

    @Mr38hollowpoint i never said it was part of south america.. mexico and south americans all represent that brown pride bitch!!!

  13. Mr38hollowpoint says:

    @MrStompingshadow ha ok whatever u say, but I think you got it all mixed up, and just to let ya know Mexico is part of North America not South America, Google that shit nigga!

  14. MrStompingshadow says:

    @Mr38hollowpointno you got all wrong…(brown pride=salvadorian pride/mexican pride/peruvian pride/ basically all south americans)

  15. Mr38hollowpoint says:

    @MrStompingshadow yeah im White, and ok in yout friends case (Brown pride=salvadorian pride) but in cains case (Brown pride=mexican pride) ya feel me ‘ese’

  16. MrStompingshadow says:

    @Mr38hollowpoint im an idiot? My friend is salvadorian and hes says brown pride all the time? R u white cuz u clearly dont know

  17. Mr38hollowpoint says:

    @MrStompingshadow ok, well let me break it down for you because you obviously have some form of downsyndrom if you dont understand. First of all cain is mexican and he has a brown pride tattoo wich represents his pride in his mexican heritage. second of all he constantally talks about how great mexicans are and how they have the most heart and how you can never break a mexicans spirit, and 3 his mexican flag attire. soooooo in cains case yes brown pride does mean mexican pride, Dam your an idiot

  18. Mr38hollowpoint says:

    @AssZon1  haha ok keyboard warrior im real worried, eat shit fag

  19. MrStompingshadow says:

    @Mr38hollowpoint brown pride means mexican pride? you sir are retarded! dont you know other hispanics are proud to be brown too or are you just dumb plz tell me dont come at me with another question

  20. achillesbeast says:

    I wonder how much punching power Mike Tyson had? Dos Santos? And many more fighters/punchers. It would be cool to know.

  21. ChrisWarrior1 says:

    I would rather know how hard Brock Lesnar punches.

  22. CROOKSTER818 says:

    cain got ktfo hahahhahaha

  23. Starwalker52 says:

    @Thydeepestfear He’s fighting exactly who I wanted to see him fight in april against antonio bigfoot silva.

  24. akuonye says: