UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013: Jones vs. Belfort Preview

MMA Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013: Jones vs. Belfort Preview”

  1. Eneider Colina says:

    walk like a spider

  2. Jordan Mitchell says:

    fuck jones he got lucky

  3. Diogo Vieira says:

    Jon jones knows just give cutuveladas!
    Jone Jones is weak, can not take it in hand!
    Need to take down your opponents at all times.

  4. Mar Stillo says:

    I wana see rematch Vitor again.Jones stand up is shit

  5. Firz Mawali says:

    submission of vitor suddenly happens during joes’ talking about it.lol.

  6. lifeson241 says:

    Who won this fight??

  7. Jordan Mitchell says:

    mirko cro cop

  8. Arcides Melendez says:

    He should have done a gut wrench power bomb and expose rampage power bomb 

  9. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2013: Jones vs. Belfort
    Preview http://ow.ly/2AyLBI

  10. datDANK says:

    oh you didn’t know that either? of course you wouldn’t.. you just talk for
    no reason

  11. bongspotswood says:

    yeah it was really loose when he was hanging in the air

  12. Super Tech says:


  13. ngatiwaihitman says:

    Vitor talks too much. Mad fighter tho.

  14. Gabriel CV says:

    Yes.. because only win the fight like Gus did is not effective..

  15. tmp9000 says:


  16. KravaLLT says:

    Vitor is a legend. BIG FAN

  17. kookskier says:

    true warrior

  18. Yozamier2.0! says:

    Jon Jones is lucky to be tall

  19. 3kings05 says:

    Motherfucking no retard.

  20. SixString Samurai says:

    Me too man, me too.

  21. Hakan D says:

    because he get out of the armrbar?

  22. datDANK says:

    please stop watching my UFC

  23. m0rtacciTUA says:


  24. datDANK says:

    “When I heard his arm pop, I let go a little and that is where he escaped,”
    . “I made a mistake. He is a great fighter and I lost the opportunity.”..
    see u faking idiot.. do you see??? now??.. he let go cuz he heard a pop..
    and jones actually says “thank you if that was true”

  25. heavysaxophonemusic says:

    ‘Belfort has been.. on his back….’